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West District Cross Country Relay Championship

The Harriers made their way to Kilmacolm for the first cross country of the season as they took on the West District Relays. Hosted by Inverclyde AC, the course in Birkmyre Park was a twisty two lap affair to reach the four kilometre distance for each senior leg.

The women's race was the first race of the day with Harrier involvement as three complete women's teams toed the line.

The A team was led off by Emily Jackson who handed over to women's captain Stephanie Baird with Lynne McDowall running the club's quickest time of the day on the anchor leg.

The women's B and C teams had a close battle on the first leg with Christine McKay edging Claire Fitzsimmons by three seconds. The B team eventually pulled ahead on leg two with Jennifer Tait handing the baton over to Katy Smith a minute before Anne MacFie passed to Deirdre Hoyle.

Three complete men's teams and one incomplete side were assembled in the eighty team field for the men's race though this was altered to two and two after some late call offs.

The men's A side were led off by Crispin Walsh whose aggressive start gave the team something to build upon. Gregor Yates was on the second leg, completing the course a couple of seconds faster than Crispin. Stuart Miller and Darren McQuade completed proceedings as the team finished in 13th place, an improvement on last year.

The Bella men's B team was tightly bunched with three members - Tom Smith, David Mackintosh, and Paul Clawson - spread across twelve seconds.

On the opening leg, the men's C and D teams were tightly bunched as Donald Kennedy stuck to Francis Gilroy's coat-tails for the majority of the race until the final kilometre when the elastic snapped.

Full results can be found here.

Women's A Team - 15th place - 53:15

  • Emily Jackson - 18:05
  • Stephanie Baird - 18:16
  • Lynne McDowall - 16:54

Women's B Team - 27th place - 61:21

  • Claire Fitzsimmons - 19:45
  • Jennifer Tait - 20:48
  • Katy Smith - 20:48

Women's C Team (V) - 30th place - 63:16

  • Christine McKay - 19:42
  • Anne MacFie - 21:50
  • Deirdre Hoyle - 21:44

Men's A Team - 13th place - 53:53

  • Cris Walsh - 13:18
  • Gregor Yates - 13:16
  • Stuart Miller - 13:30
  • Darren McQuade - 13:49

Men's B Team - 33rd place - 58:30

  • Tom Smith - 14:18
  • David Mackintosh - 14:21
  • Calum Ferguson - 15:21
  • Paul Clawson - 14:30

Men's C Team - incomplete

  • Francis Gilroy - 15:14
  • Iain Morrison - 14:52

Men's D Team - incomplete

  • Donald Kennedy - 15:27
  • Robert Carson - 19:10

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